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The potential of property management in family-run companies

The independent market survey conducted on behalf of Famos Immobilien GmbH by the Institute of Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Family-run Companies (EMF) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) shows how property assets are maintained in family-run companies.

The ever-present euro crisis and the world’s political trouble spots are presenting the “Mittelstand” (SMEs), and therefore family-run companies in particular, with major challenges. If they are to avoid getting into financial difficulties, they will be compelled to check the efficiency of their operational structures more rigorously than before. At the same time, though, property assets as a capital-intensive component of a family-run company are very much neglected. The survey from 2010 investigates what family-run companies can improve with regard to the safeguarding and management of their property assets and exposes weaknesses in their property management.